Adaptive and Microsoft are decoding the adaptive immune response to COVID-19 and  providing a detailed, population-level view via an open database, ImmuneCODE. 

These data will be updated regularly and made freely available to accelerate ongoing efforts to develop better diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics for the COVID-19 virus.

 ImmuneRACE Study data are being pooled with data from thousands of additional patient samples from many institutions around the world.

Data will be regularly released as our sample collection and analyses progress. 

Insights on the data releases will be shared periodically.

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Participant Data

Whether or not you have a scientific background, we wanted to share some key insights we learned about the immune response to COVID-19.

Below is an interactive data set for exploring the participant-reported data from the ImmuneRACE Study. This contains data from participants from the US who signed consent. Information that could identify any participants has been removed from this set.

Data updated weekly: last updated October 23, 2020

Institutions Contributing to ImmuneCODE

Below are just a few of the institutions Adaptive has partnered with from around the world to collect and sequence valuable patient cohorts. We are continuously working with other investigators worldwide. If you would like to discuss contributing samples, please email us.

Data Releases and Resources

Below you will find all of our data releases along with brief descriptions.
We will continue to add releases regularly. 

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Article | June 10, 2020

Introduction: Cracking the COVID-19 ImmuneCODE

Data Release 1 & Article | June 10, 2020

Step One: Understand SARS-CoV-2

Data Release 2 & Article | June 25, 2020

More Data, and What’s Coming Next

Data Release 3 & Article | August 4, 2020

Game-Changing Data:Half of a Billion TCR-Beta Sequences

Data Release 4 & Article | September 23, 2020

New Data – Class 2 Bindings

New! Data Release 5 & Article | November 6, 2020

Linked Subjects with MIRA + Repertoire + HLA Data