How Your Institution Can Be Part of This Study to Assess the Immune Response to COVID-19

Any institution or practice with patients exposed to or confirmed to have had COVID-19 may participate or direct patients to enroll. Reach out to us to ask about how to participate.

We believe immune response data may help to solve two of the key challenges we are facing in the current diagnostic paradigm:

  • Detection of the virus in infected people who are not showing symptoms
  • Improved triaging of newly diagnosed patients

This study will inform research to improve care, treatments, and vaccines

Adaptive has partnered with Microsoft to map population-wide adaptive immune responses to diseases at scale. Together we are using immunosequencing, proprietary computational modeling, and machine learning to match immune cell receptors to the antigens they bind. Using these data, we aim to translate the natural diagnostic capability of the immune system into the clinic. We are turning our focus to uniquely contribute advancement of solutions to diagnose, treat and prevent COVID-19.

We have the proven ability to map population-wide adaptive immune responses to diseases at scale. We have already confirmed clinical signals in two diseases and established our first proof of concept in Lyme Disease.

Samples would be sent to Adaptive and along with de-identified data from a questionnaire. Data will be analyzed at the population level to characterize the immune response to COVID-19 among all samples. We aim to empower the scientific community with these data to accelerate the development of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics. Data will be made freely available via an open access data portal to help solve this global public health crisis.

Reach out to us to get involved