How You Can Contribute Samples to Advance COVID-19 Research

Decoding the COVID-19 immune response may advance solutions to diagnose, treat, and prevent the disease, complementing existing efforts underway to understand the virus itself.

We can improve our collective understanding of COVID-19 by decoding the immune system’s response to the virus and the disease patterns that can be inferred from studying these data at the population level.

The key to unlocking these T-cell receptor (TCR) signatures is samples from patients with COVID-19. To expedite the development and relevance of the immune response signature across the global population, we are seeking additional participation from institutions and research groups around the world who are able to contribute blood samples (including PBMC, Buffy coat or DNA extracted from either) to this open data initiative. Your data will be made available to you through the immunoSEQ® Analyzer.

Using these data, we aim to empower the scientific community to accelerate the development of new diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics. Data will be made freely available via an open access data portal to help solve this global public health crisis.

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