Linked Subjects with MIRA + Repertoire + HLA Data

Adaptive COVID-19 ImmuneResponse Animation Still

Today’s ImmuneCODE update unlocks some existing new possibilities. We’re releasing 72 complete repertoires for subjects that also have associated MIRA data, creating a much more complete picture of response for these individuals.

The MIRA data is not new today; it can be found in the file downloadable in the “Supplemental Files” list at The new data includes these files, also these:

  • ImmuneCODE-Repertoires-002.2.tgz – This large file contains repertoire data for the 72 new subjects. To download all repertoires you’ll need both the 002.tgz and 002.2.tgz files. Inside this archive is a file MIRA-Repertoire-Key-002.2.csv which provides the link between these repertoires and MIRA experiments.
  • ImmuneCODE-Repertoire-Tags-002.2.xlsx (and .tsv) contain metadata tags for the comprehensive set of repertoires. This data also includes the MIRA experiment ID and HLA data when available.

All of this new data is also available for interactive review and analysis within immuneACCESS. Visit for all the bells and whistles!

We’ve now processed quite a few more MIRA and Repertoires in addition to what is being made available today; expect to see the data continue to grow over the upcoming weeks and months.