New Data – Class 2 Bindings

Adaptive COVID-19 ImmuneResponse Animation Still

Today we’re updating ImmuneCODE with Release 002.1, which includes new MIRA data, including our first Class 2 experiment results. The new data is in the “Supporting Documents” section on this page and can be directly downloaded here

So far we’ve been sharing T cells that bind to MHC Class 1 molecules. These CD8+ or “killer” T cells directly attack infected cells. MHC Class 2 molecules play a different role, presenting peptide fragments found in the extra-cellular environment and binding to CD4+ “helper” T cells and other functional T cell types. Rather than killing directly, activated helper T cells signal other cells to come to your defense, in particular antibody-producing B cells.

Both types of T cells play an important role in mounting an effective immune response. We’re excited to begin rounding out the complete picture with this release. We expect to add more Class 2 (and repertoire) data over the next few weeks, and hope it is useful in supporting your work.